Book ISBN: 9789179695897

Release date: 18 Juli 2020.

Publisher: BoD

eBook ISBN: 9789180071925

Release date: 18 Juli 2020.

Publisher: BoD

Word count: 76582 in 302 bookpages.


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The book is avaliable both as a physical book and e-book, through various international channels. Look for it in your e-book and/or book store. Most likely to be found online!

On the back:

The first book of four in the Saga Quadrology.

Meet Dee who wants to reunite with her brother, but get stuck in a tense situation between vampires and werewolves. As she escapes the situation, she accidentally meets Groll, a bitter troll who hates humans. Groll will help Dee get out of his way, so he can go back at being his grumpy old self without her precense. Little do they both know that their journey has only begun. Soon, their world will face a threat greater than when the Dwarf King claimed himself lone ruler of the world. The old war between warm-bloods and cold-bloods sparks again, and there is a new Dwarf King on the throne that has the decire to unite the dwarf society and make the Dwarf kingdom great again.


This book is self-published. This choice due to my belief that every story has its reader. Now, as a Swede with no international contacts in the world of books, I chose to publish using a swedish self-publishing service with international distribution channels. Hopefully this lets more english-speaking reader find it and enjoy it!