GoS for short. Gos in Swedish is cuddle and I really like hugs!

But this is not about hugs, it is about sound, and how to work with it and the equipment. Completely free!

My goal is to simplify and create a basic understanding, so you on your own can develop your knowledge and experience by practicing, doing, reading more, being curious and challenge yourself and the way you work with sound, and thus, gain a better understanding of what you do and what sound is.

I am fully aware that I sometimes oversimplify, and you should be aware of it too! Do not take only my words, question them and look at other sources to gain a better understanding.

I hope to inspire those who want to start, but doesn’t know where or how to start, and hopefully give a fast crash course into what sound is and how it works, along with some tips and tricks so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

When I have written all parts of this little guide, I will end it with a small test. If you pass that, you will get your own, completely useless, Son of Sound approved Guide of Sound diploma that you can save as an achievement. Stay tuned for all lessons! 🙂

…and one last thing, I answer questions if I can (and have time), and if something is unclear (or very wrong) please correct me or ask me to clarify, and you may put in requests for guides on things that are not in here yet (without any guarantee that I will cover them).




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