Studio Herdis

I used to have my studio at home, but since equipment is rather expensice and I worry about burglery, I decided to build a studio.
Of course, some things are still made at home with the computer, but mainly I record and produce at my little studio – Herdis.

It’s not much, but it get’s the job done. Since I have a very small studio, I have focused on getting things to fit well and work toghether well.


Intel i7-3770 CPU
16 GB Ramm
M-audio Delta 66 audio interface
MidiMan USB Midisport 4×4
Windows 7, 64-bit
Cubase 7
FL Studio 11
Reason Essentials
Wabelab Elements 7
Dual screens

Sound equipment

SM Pro Audio IN5 as a replacement to a mixer.
DBx 286A Mic Pre Amp
M-audio BX 5a monitors
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Headphones
Zoom R8 porta
Behringer Xenyx 802
Behringer RX 1602
Roland – VT3


EMU Proteus 2000 (with Rob Papen Techno expansion module)
M-Audio Venom
Roland SH01 – Gaia
Novation – MiniNova
Novation – BassStation II
Waldorf – Blofeld
Korg Monotron
Korg Volca Bass

Software Synth’s

Native Instruments – Massive
Arturia – Analog Lab
Arturia – minimoog V Original
Arturia – Prophet-V2


Behringer – Composer Pro-XL
Behringer – FX2000
Behringer – SX3040 (Sonic Exciter)
Behringer – SU9920 (sonic Ultramizer)

Lost friends

Alesis Studio 24 Mixer – one of the best and most flexible mixerboards I have ever worked with.
Yamaha FS1r – FM Syntherziser with wonderful sounds.

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