It started as a scenery for a song I want to write, about a ship in a storm. It ended up with a seed to a fantasy novel.

Since I am a Swede, it is a bit hard (and strange) to write in English, but most fantasy novels I have read is in English, so in a way it feels natural.

This is a low priority project for me, estimated completion is first half of 2016. Even so, some have expressed interest in reading it, so here you, the writer’s draft. May change along the way, but enjoy it never the less!

This is a free novel (for now) but it will be release in paperform (as the first of four books in this series).

Feel free to provide input! Use the contact form of this page to get in contact with me. 🙂

I will release updates along the way, so keep your eyes out for new content!

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Last White Witch – Chaper 1-45 – Writers Draft

Last updated: 2015-05-07

Extra Material

This content will also be updated along the way. And just so it has been said: There may be spoilers in the extra material, but for the most part it will add extra depth to the story.

The map


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The Legend

The legend, a forgotten part of the human mythology. Something that might be told once and a while when people gather around the fireplace in the evenings. Should you hear it today, it probably would sound nothing like this, or at least only partial like this. But this is the original legend, passed on from generation to generation for over 2000 human years. At least 20 ages.

The Legend

The Secrets

Sometimes more happens than meets the eye. Should that be the case, the secrets are updated, because sometimes it might be good to know a bit more than is revealed to the naked eye.

The Secrets of Last White Witch

A Wizard and a Wizard and a Wizard and a Wizard

The story about A Wizard and a Wizard and a Wizard and a Wizard is not very connected to the story about the Last White Witch, but a little. And even the tinyest bits of a puzzel is nessesary to complete the entire picture. This is why this story is released as extra material here.

A Wizard and a wizard and a wizard and a wizard

Yeah, I know, it’s not common for books to have bloopers, but I am sure that most writers see other things that happened (or can happen) in the story while writing… or maybe it’s just me…

Last White Witch – Bloopers


I am not an artist and my drawings are no work of art!

Meet Groll:


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The Sound Track
Last voyage of the Glory

Check out the lyrics (even if it’s an instrumental song) for more story of the Glory!


Learn the last word of the book, and also who has the last spoken words.

Here’s some free space if you have changed your mind….

Last chance to turn around….

Who has the last spoken words in the novel?

Last word of the book: