Interview with JNW

Ok, we have gathered here today… well, not to attend a wedding, but to get a small talk with the man behind Son of Sound. It’s a rather cold and dark December morning when we meet up at a local café in the home town of Son of Sound. I have ordered a hot steamy coffee, but Son of Sound prefers a cup of tea, and we take our seats at a small round table near the window and see all the other early birds that are already on their way to what ever business they have.
First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking your time to be here and for agreeing to make this interview. We are many that want to know more about you, so let’s kick off, right at once.

You are the man behind JNW, but what is your real name?

Ok, Nalle, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you choose the name JNW?
Sure, I am a married man, father of one, live with my familly in a little house with a small garden. We have two cats. And as for the name Son of Sound. Well, I guess it comes from my early childhood interrest for sounds, harmonies and disharmonies. My mother used to tease me and say that I could not be scilent for more than a few seconds, I always had to make some noise, either with my mouth or voice or with something around me.

Interresting, what drives this facination of sound?
I don’t know, I just like it. It’s a passion. Always have been.

And this facination of sound, how did it bring you to music?
Well, actually it first drove me towards recodring different sounds and then play them. I had a taperecorder with a built in mic that was my first contact with technology that had anything to do with sound. And as the technology evolved my interrest did. Then I had to have something to do with all the sounds, so I started to experiment with various musictools in a computer, one thing lead to another and my interrest for music was born.

So it was technology that lead you to music creation?

Huh, I would have figured it was the other way around.
No, it was first love of sound, then technology and then music…

Ok, but what is the main driving force behind your music creation?
It is to create something new, challange myself and of course, have fun in the process.

Do you have any political or religious messages in your songs?
That is up to each listener to judge. I make music, I have an intention with each song, something I want to communicate, but it is not nessesarily what I want to communicate that the listner will hear. So I expect each and everyone to have their own expeciance with my songs, hopefully an enjoyable expeciance.

I read somewhere that you settle for “good enough” with your music creation, what does that mean?
Well, I used to be a perfectionist when it comes to the mix, or lyrics, or the composition itself. Everything had to be perfect. That lead to too much preassure and no releases. It took the fun out of my passion. So now I settle for “good enough”. Even if I still can spend a lot of time tweaking and making adjustments.

So, does that mean that you have imperfections, errors and misstakes in your songs?
No, I release a track when it is done, the way I want it to be.

But in some of your songs you have offbeat song and there are small things that does not seem to be entierly correct?
From your perspective maybe. From mine every detail in my songs are correct.

But why would you like to release a track when the listerner can identify something that does not feel correct?
I have a different view. Let’s say you stand infront of a giant wall with black and white squares, like a huge chessboard. What if one of the squares on the entire wall was red? Or if one of the black squares was tilted just a tiny bit?

I guess they would be standing out and people would notice the red square, or the tilted square…
Exactly. And maybe it would rise the question, why?

What do you mean, why?
Why have the creator of this huge wall with black and white sqares choosen to tilt one black square just a little bit? Or why did the creator paint only one square red? What is the purpose behind it? What does it communicate?

Same with my songs. Each track is released as I intend it to be. So if you identify something that you feel is incorrect or off beat, you might ask yourself why it is so…

But what if those small things makes me not like the song?
Well, I do not know of anybody that can create music that suites everybody. Some like it, others don’t. Simple as that. I enjoy my music creation, and that is my primary goal. Should anybody else enjoy what I do, it would be a huge bonus, but never the soul purpouse.

So you are egoistic in your music creation process?

But that does not sound good. Maybe people doesn’t like egoistic people, it might make you look bad…
…yes… but it is the truth… I would not feel good about myself if I lie just to make people like me better….

No, I guess that is true… ehm… well… this interview did not exactly go as I planned, but I guess I have something to write about when I get back to the office…
Sometimes it is the accidents and the unplanned things that prove to be the greatest and best. It is important to keep an open mind and the ability to recognice things that you have not planned for or thought of yourself.

Huh? Didn’t see it that way… and I have to ask: Are you high?

…on what?!
Love, life and sound…

Lol! You do sound like a modern hippie, you know that?
I don’t mind… 😉

Is there something you would like to add, or have we covered it all?
An interview can never cover it all… but there is one thing I would like to add. Most of my listerners already know that I release EP’s with four tracks. What most does not know is that there are most often a fifth bonus track to each EP, if you choose to buy the full EP on Bandcamp. End of commersial.

Ok, I will see through my fingers with that one, only because it was good information that there are extra tracks that at least I have never heard. But that is information you should post on your websites FAQ!

I will! Great idea! And see – always keep an open mind to the unexpected. If you hadn’t suggested it now, I would not have done it now. Maybe I would have figured it out eventually, but now you helped me on my path, thank you!

Well, yes, that is pretty much how the interview was. Of course, we talked about other things as well, but not in the frames of the interview, so I will respect the confidance Nalle, a.k.a. Son of Sound gave me and keep off the record stuff off the record. As long as he will continue to put stuff on the record. Sorry about that last joke, just had to get it out of my system…

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