Son of sound on tour?

Will Son of Sound ever tour or have gigs that you can attend?
Most likely not. I will not say never, but I can almost say, never!
Son of Sound creates music for fun, and do not have any commersial interest.
Live perfomance would mean; carry a lot of equipment, several, uncounted hours of rehersal, planning and preparation and making up some kind of show that is fun to watch and not only to hear. That is not my definition of fun or something I want to spend time on, so sorry, no live gigs or tours for me.

Driving force behind music creation?

My driving force is mainly my own development and amusement. Should someone esle acturally enjoy what I do, just a bonus! (A huge bonus I might add, since I love to get feedback on the things I do!)
I want to have a good time and experiment while creating music. Then I also enjoy the end result.
I used to aim for perfection in my music creation, and could spend an unmentioned amount of time tweeking and adjusting and… well you know, not ever getting there.
It resulted in that I did not create anything.
As I got older (and hopefully a bit wiser) I realized that I like doing music, and if I settle for ”good enough” I enjoy the process and get things done. And voila! I started to create music again, getting things done, and have been able to release a few tracks a year. (Parrallel to being a father, husband, employee and writing books.)
My goal is to release one EP (4-5 songs) per year.
To sum it up: I love sound, I love creation, I love technology, I love combining things to a unity.

Does all your EP:s have an extra bonus track?

Almost all do. Not the first one, back on track. But all that followed have an extra bonustrack that you can listen to and/or download if you buy the full EP from Bandcamp. Currently, that’s the only way to access the extra bonus tracks.

Do you have a question that is not aswered here?

Use the contact form to send in your question. No promises it will end up here, but you might get an answer, then again, maybe not. You’ll find out if you try! 🙂

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