This post is meant for entertainment only, no truth behind it, what so ever.

This might be the biggest news buzz of 2015.
Rumor states that Apple Inc has made an offer to buy 51% of Ikea AB, giving them total control of the entire company.
Apple with a $42.1 B revenue 2014 compared to Ikea with $37.9 B revenue 2014.
This offer is said to be one of the last legacy wishes of Apple founder Steve Jobs and so far, the Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad has not commented on the rumor.
According to the rumor, Apple wants to keep the Ikea furniture concept, but add in a new line of intelligent home electronics, for a smarter and more interactive home.
Speculations is already on the way, and the internet is posting images of Whirlpool ovens with the new iKea logo and the first model that are presented is iOven One, controllable from an app in your iPhone or other Apple product, including temperature and time settings, and of course, a touchscreen.
The oven is supposed to run iOS8 Basic, a new simplified branch of the current iOS 8. Of course, the oven comes fully loaded with 16GB memory for apps and wifi-connection. If the iOS Basic line will support standard Apps is still unclear, and some even talk about specially designed apps for “The-internet-of-things”.

At the moment we have not been able to get any confirmation from either Apple or iKea.