The compressor is a most usable and interresting thing. With this marvellous thing, you can affect the dynamic of the soundsignal. This may sound a bit wierd at first, but once we take a deeper dive, it will hopefully make more sense. Just a quick background. A soundsignal is measured in deciBels (dB). There are a lot of variations to different dB scales, and I will not go into depth


This is a small chapter regarding the equalizer. For some people, equalizer is something on their sound system, two knobs, one for bass and one for treble. For others (like me) this is a very simple thing that quickly get very complex in it’s simple nature. The equalizer comes in many different forms, from simple two, three of four knobs on a mixerboard channel to it’s own stack with multiple

Recording Vocals

I dedicate this session to record vocals for the simple reason that it is one of the most common questions I get. How do I record the perfect vocalsound at home in my appartment, using only minimal budget equipment. Well, you don’t! But I hope you can prove me wrong! It is very few places (professional studios, or semiprofessional or even home setups) that can produce the sound of Celine


Now I will talk about recording in general. Even if I know there is plenty of analog equipment out there, still recording on tape, I will focus mainly on digital recording. As for the basic principals, it does not really matter if you record analog on a tape or digital on a harddrive or somekind of flash memory card. You still have your sound source, something that captures it, creating

Home acoustics

As me, most people start of creating music in the comfort of their own home, since most of us do not have the financials to build or rent a studio. Over the years, I have gathered a few tricks that I share with you, here and now. To understand how to create an (as) optimal (as you can get at home) environment you need to know what happens to the


I often get the question: Which microphone is the best, or What microphone should I use, I want just one that is good for everything! My reply is very often: How long is a piece of string? The most common answer to that is: It depends! And there you go! There is your answer! It depends on what you are after! Many seek the perfect and clear microphone sound, only

What is Sound?

A very simplified explanation would be that any sound source created vibrations that propagates through the air. Even if it’s not completely true, closer to reality would be saying it causes compressions and thinning of the air. But let’s stick with vibrations for now, or even better, waves (as in soundwaves). These waves moves like a chain reaction in the air. When the waves reach our ear, it affects the

What is Guide of Sound?

GoS for short. Gos in Swedish is cuddle and I really like hugs! But this is not about hugs, it is about sound, and how to work with it and the equipment. Completely free! My goal is to simplify and create a basic understanding, so you on your own can develop your knowledge and experience by practicing, doing, reading more, being curious and challenge yourself and the way you work