The year is 1990, I, a tenyearold boy, started to make music. Just years before I had started to play keyboard, and took piano lessons, but I was not interrested in the little dots on the paper, my interest was more in the mechanisms of music; harmonies, rythems and so on. I also took a great interest in the art of recording.

My first songs was simply a looped drumbeat and recorded vocals over that drumloop, all recorded on an, at the time, the well known tape.
I used my Amiga 500 (with an extra 512k ramm!) and a ”sampler” (kind of like a standard audiocard with an input port to the Amiga). The software that came with the sampler is unknown to me, but I remember that I could record things, loop them, and change speed/pitch on my recordings.

Later, I believe around 1992, I got hold of my first tracker, again, I do not remember the name, but I think it was ProTracker or something like that. Now I took a great leep forward, I could suddenly add more things to my recordings, and, behold, have 4 tracks simultaniusly running, and I could also download .mod’s from BBS:es and copy from friends, and started to build up a library of various sounds that I could use in my productions. Around that time (about 12 years of age) I also started to sing in a choir.
A little leap forward, around 1994, 14 years old. I get my first PC, a 486 DX4 (120 MHz if i remember correctly) with stunning 16 MB Ramm and a harddrive of 850 MB. This also equiped with a Soundblaster AWE32 audiocard.
The software changed from the Amigas 4 track-tracker to FastTracker, suddenly I had a limit of 32 tracks. The upside was that I could keep my soundlibrary and all my .mod’s that I had created, and even start to develope them. 32 tracks seemed like close to infinite channels, and I never believed that I would need to use any other piece of software for music creation, this was the highlight of the evolution.
Still in 1994, I kept on playing piano, I kept on singing in choir, and I also started to pick up the guitar, since it was a lot more cool to carrying around a guitar than to every now and then stumble on a piano to show off my musical skills.
At this time I had also grown more interrested in the art of music, harmonies, cooperation between different sounds to create a unik pice of music.
During this time, my choir teacher Annika, and her husband Bo, my current piano teacher, and who later also became my choir teacher, both played a big role in my interest for music, and for developing my musical skills. I owe both Bo and Annika my greatest thank you, for being an important source of knowledge and inspiration, giving me challenges and the tools to solve them. Bo and Annika followed me from ’92 to ’99, and there is no way I can repay the things they gave me, or properly describe how much they mean to me. Sadly, we have lost contact after ’99 when I moved from my hometown seeking other challenges after school, and years later when I returned I learned that they had moved to new challenges elsewhere.
Around 1995-1996 my musical life came to a new crossroad. I had saved up some money to buy equipment, and my choise was between a Casio keyboard with a Cubase bundle, or a Yamaha CSX1. I went with the first option, and got the Casio with Cubase, a choise I started off regretting, since the Yamaha CSX1 was more of a real synth, and the Casio was more of a soundbank. However, in the rear view mirror I am now glad that I made that choise, and got to know the MIDI-world with Cubase as a sequenser. Cubase is still my primary sequenser, even though I have worked with both Logic, ProTools and Sony Acid (just to mention a few), I always end up with Cubase again.
So between 1996 and 1999 I worked parrallell with FastTracker and my .mod’s (or .xm’s to be honest), and Cubase with the Casio keyboard as audiosource. My main recording media had changed from tape to MiniDisk.
And I still had the workflow of playback on my music, adding something new with a microphone and recording the new ”mix”. By playing that new mix, I could add something else and record to yet another mix. Not a very good way of working, but it was all I could afford, and it was a really good way of learning.

From 1999 to 2000 I attended a Sound Production educartion in Surahammar, and met another man who has influenced me greatly, Börje. His passion for audio hardware, from mixerboards to compressors, to recordingdeviced, both analog and digital, and various ways of working with sound to create new things, was a great inspiration to me. I learned a lot from him, that year in school.

The next step in my musical evolution came around 2000, after I had gotten my first real fulltime job as a technician for a radio company with radio stations all over Sweden. I now, for the first time, got money to buy real equipment of my own.

Over the years I have tried a lot of equipment and have bought and sold most of my things. But some things I have kept.
One of the first ”real” synth I bought was the EMU Proteus 2000, upgraded with the Rob Papen techno expantion module. This is still with me, as a core sound source in my little studio.

I also bought a Yamaha FS1R, which I later sold, and that is something I still regret.
My first ”real” mic was a Røde NT-1, which I still have today, and along with that I bought a dBx 286a mic-preamp, also something that I am still greatly fond of, and is a part of the core in my little studio.

I tested a lot of different things, bought new things, sold, bought something else, and have worked with various types of equipment and brands.
I realised that it was not the equipment that makes the music, it is the mind creating it, so with very little resources a masterpiece can be created.

Naturally, it helps out a great deal if you work in an environment that is safe and familiar to you.

1999 in Surahammar I also met a person who has influenced me greatly in more areas than music, Nino, he is a life long friend, whom I miss greatly, now when we do not live close to each other anymore. The same goes for Isaac who I met 2000, a friendly neighbour who also became a life long friend. Both Nino and Isaac has influenced me musically, and inspired me to expand my own horizon.

I was semi productive from 2000 to 2007, when work took a great deal of my time and I prioritized family life. Now five years later (2012) I am a proud father and husband, and I am slowly getting more and more ”time on my own”, so I am slowly getting ”Back on Track” (which also will be the title of my first EP in a while, that I have started to produce now).

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