Home acoustics

As me, most people start of creating music in the comfort of their own home, since most of us do not have the financials to build or rent a studio. Over the years, I have gathered a few tricks that I share with you, here and now. To understand how to create an (as) optimal (as you can get at home) environment you need to know what happens to the


I often get the question: Which microphone is the best, or What microphone should I use, I want just one that is good for everything! My reply is very often: How long is a piece of string? The most common answer to that is: It depends! And there you go! There is your answer! It depends on what you are after! Many seek the perfect and clear microphone sound, only

What is Sound?

A very simplified explanation would be that any sound source created vibrations that propagates through the air. Even if it’s not completely true, closer to reality would be saying it causes compressions and thinning of the air. But let’s stick with vibrations for now, or even better, waves (as in soundwaves). These waves moves like a chain reaction in the air. When the waves reach our ear, it affects the

What is Guide of Sound?

GoS for short. Gos in Swedish is cuddle and I really like hugs! But this is not about hugs, it is about sound, and how to work with it and the equipment. Completely free! My goal is to simplify and create a basic understanding, so you on your own can develop your knowledge and experience by practicing, doing, reading more, being curious and challenge yourself and the way you work

Cover:Inga kan älska som vi

Inga kan älska som vi! Grace fantastiska låt. Jag har inga som helst rättigheter till den här låten… …jag gjorde denna som en present till min fru i 5-årig bröllopspresent. (klicka på länken ovan så kommer du till låten på Youtube…)

EP: Angel Island

Angel Island by Son of Sound Släppt/Released: December 2014 Spotify Svenska: En tribut till Ängelholm, min hemstad och mitt hjärtas stad! English: Finally completed, Angel Island. It is (almost) the name of my hometown. Thought I had to make an EP to honor it! Ängelholm – this one is to you! Lyrics Never Alone When dreams are calling to you from the great beyond hear the breath of angels near you

EP: The Somethings

The Something’s by Son of Sound Släpt/Released: December 2014 Spotify Svenska: Den här EP:n är ett resultat av att jag utmanade mig själv. Jag slumpade fram en ljuduppsättning och arbetade med den (och endast den) för att skapa denna EP. Jag fuskade lite i tredje låten och la på lite sång. Det finns ett bonusspår om du köper EP:n via Bandcamp. English: This EP is the result of me challaning


EP:IC by Son of Sound Släppt/Released: Augusti 2014 Spotify Svenska: Det kan vara så att det finns ett bonusspår om du köper EP:n via Band Camp! 🙂 (men det är inte värt det, den sista låter är ett internt skämt mellan mig och John Marwin) English: There might be a bonus track if you buy the EP trough Band Camp! 🙂 (but it’s so not worth it… the last song is

EP: Back on track

Back on Track by Son of Sound Släppt/Released: Juli 2012. Spotify Svenska: I unga år producerade jag väldigt mycket musik, sen hade jag ett långt uppehåll där musikskapandet inte längre var en aktiv del av mitt liv. Men sen, plötsligt, kom lusten tillbaka. Back on Track är min första EP, den första på flera år, en början på en ny era. I’m back on track… English: I was very active